Flying Pictures Project- First Reunion


Here is our display at the Oak Park Public Library. Please note the space set up for Vivien’s book as soon as it arrives. (Fingers crossed tightly) I’ll up date the photo when her book is in the case.


Please note the optimistic title “First Reunion”. Let’s hope the second reunion of the books is with their owners!

6 thoughts on “Flying Pictures Project- First Reunion”

  1. Oh, just look at it…how I wish I could see them all together like this! You know, I feel a warm little twinge of pride inside, seeing my book there displayed with all of yours – a project successfully completed and nothing but good memories, new friends, great artwork…
    So nice of you to share this with us. It looks great!

  2. It’s been so much fun putting this together. Brought back so many good memories. I’ve almost finished writing my bit and have to go for a tech check on Monday.

  3. I can’t think of a single photo that has delighted me more! Such a gorgeous conclusion – and I agree with Ronell – ‘nothing but good memories’. Thanks again Lindsay.

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