Peek from Glen´s book

Here´s part of what I did in Glen´s book. It´s a gorgeous book! These lilies are on our kitchen table (well, only one left now) and they are WONDERFUL to draw – their shapes and bold colours just shout “draw me!”. I´ve done five or six drawings of them lately, and thought they would fit nicely into Glen´s theme too.

The book is on it´s way to the post office today, have to buy another kind of envelope than the ones I have at home – these books are getting kind of thick by now… 🙂

So, Glen, your book is on it´s way home!


Casey´s contribution to Polychromatic behavior

Polychromatic Beahavior returned home a few days ago – fantastic! What a feeling to get it back and finally get to see all your work in my book! Yes, I have seen it online before, but it´s not at all the same as actually holding it in my hands, browsing through it… The artwork in this book is awesome – thank you, fellow participants, thank you!

This project has been so inspiring and fun, and I have truly enjoyed every part of it. All the books that have passed by Sweden had their own personality, their own “air”, and it´s been both a challenge and a joy to try to follow the theme or the athmosphere in each book.

These two pages are Casey´s contribution to my book – such a perfect choice of subject! I started the book with the view from my kitchen window, and Casey ended it with the view from her house! Thanks, Casey, and thank you so much, the rest of you too!

More of Casey´s pages

Viven´s book has landed safely in Sweden today. I´ve been drooling over so much beautiful artwork here! It´s amazing how LONG these accordion books are getting by now, I needed almost the whole livingroom floor to spread this one out completely.

These are Casey´s pages in the book. They are so interesting, collage mixed with stamps mixed with drawing mixed with watercolours… I love them.

Ronell´s book

These are Casey´s pages in Ronell´s book, Rainbow moments, which is now in Stockholm waiting for me to add some work to it. I love this idea of both painting and collage in the same image, and the pages are so beautifully composed!

I´ll post another image from my work in this book when I´m done. So far I have only added the pages… 🙂

Lindsay´s book

Finally an update on Lindsay´s book, which I have shamefully kept for too long (a slight renovation in our summer house came in between me and the book, and I was short of time so had to finish on the house first). It´s an amazing book, with the red canoes travelling across pages… Love it!

This is Casey´s additions to the book, a mixture of collage, drawing and watercolours. (And crayons, I think?).

And then a peek preview on my own work. I discovered AFTER I had packed the book in an envelope that this image is blurry, so not much to do about it. You´ll have to make do. 🙂