Flying Pictures – Different Strokes

Not great light for photography today but I couldn’t wait any longer to share my completed sketchbook.  Thank you so much everyone!  This is a beautiful book of art.

Thank you too to all the friends who’ve supported this project so enthusiastically.  It made 2008 such a memorable year.

Journey’s End for Different Strokes

Oil stick study by Lindsay Olsen
Oil stick study by Lindsay Olsen

My sketchbook squeezed through the door well after dark on New Year’s Eve – I think the postman made a special trip.  It came complete with chocolates and two beautiful oil stick paintings of her beloved Lake Michigan by Lindsay.

Lake Michigan near Holland, Michigan
Lake Michigan near Holland, Michigan

Thank you Lindsay, these are pulsating with beautiful colours and I love the long narrow format.

Now all that remains is for me to wait for a day with enough colour temperature to photograph the entire book and create a slideshow.  Over.  Sigh!

Lindsay’s Paintings in Casey’s Book

Casey’s sketchbook Local Colour is now with me in Tuscany.  The Tuscan sun finally showed itself again today and I was finally able to take some photographs of Lindsay’s beautiful oil pastels.

Lake Michigan Sketches – 2008

I think that second one is my favourite but the photos really don’t do these gorgeous little paintings justice.  The colours absolutely glow.

Casey’s book is full of all sorts of delights.  It’s the first time I’ve actually held any of Casey’s art in my hands and it is bursting with local colour.  It is also bursting with talent through pages from Casey, Nina, Glen, Vivien, Ronell and now Lindsay.

I’ve posted a couple of other surprises I found in Casey’s book HERE on my blog.

Casey’s is the last of the Flying Pictures Sketchbooks to reach me so when I’ve added my pages, that will be the end of a wonderful Summer of art and friendship.  I can see why everyone is saying we should do it again.

Lindsay’s Leaves in Nina’s Sketchbook

Cambria Leaves - mixed media - Lindsay Olson
Cambria Leaves - mixed media - Lindsay Olson

Nina’s Flying Picture’s Sketchbook is here in Tuscany. I’ve been feasting my eyes and senses on it for the last couple of days and getting totally stressed because I don’t want to add something that will let down the stunning standard of work already done by Nina, Glen, Vivien, Ronell and now Lindsay. I’ll try to find time to make a slideshow of the whole book, meanwhile It is worth exploring the older posts here to see all the beautiful paintings already posted from this particular book in our sketchbook exchange.

Nina’s theme is Polychromatic Behaviour and it has inspired work of the most glorious colours. Lindsay’s mixed media painting of Cambria Leaves knocked my socks off and I’m sure anything I put beside it is going to look ‘faded’ by comparison.

Could someone please send chocolate?!!!

Flowers for Glen from Lindsay

The theme of Glen’s book is Flowers and Lindsay has created a beautiful garden full of lillies.  How on earth does one follow this?!

I’m very slow to make a start on Glen’s book, it is so stunning – beautiful Chinese brush paintings of flowers by Glen, amazing painting, sketching and embossing by Vivien (how did you do that?!). Ronell takes her magical, loose brush to a French village festooned with wisteria and now Lindsay’s fabulous cut-outs.  I’m off to Venice for a few days, seeking inspiration!

Vivien’s Book with Additions by Lindsay

Vivien’s book arrived in Tuscany in double quick time.  I wasn’t prepared for all this beautiful art in one helping.  I’ve been just sitting staring at it for days.  Now I have to share.

Oil Pastel – Lindsay Olson

Oil Pastel – Lindsay Olson

You can imagine, landlocked as I am, that these sights of blue/turquoise sea and golden sand filled me with longing.  Beautiful, Lindsay.  Your pure colours are vibrating with excitement. I must go down to the sea…..

But there is more..

a series of tiny panels, inspired by Vivien’s recent exhibition and recently published book.  You can read more about this in the previous post, where Lindsay shows the panel she has added to the cover of Vivien’s book.

And finally one of Lindsay’s signature feathers to link Ronell’s work with her own.

And finally a scattering of sweet, pressed violets inside the front cover.

I would really love to re-post every beautiful piece of art in this book.  Vivien’s  work has delighted me ever since I first saw it and Ronell has made an outstanding and thematic contribution which I would love to see you post some close ups of please, Ronell.

This book is now so big I can’t fit it on my dining room table – it is a feast!

Where do I go from here?!  I know I need to paint/draw a feather.  After that…. realise I am in very deep water indeed.

Lindsay’s Painting in Ronell’s Book

I’m so excited to  have received Ronell’s book – Rainbow Moments – with Lindsay’s contribution of a beautiful oil pastel landscape.

I’m really in awe of Lindsay’s skill with OP so I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover she had not left me half a page to fill with oil pastels.  She’s given me a lovely transition back to her feather print, so I have room to choose.  Gorgeous, Lindsay!  The water and reflections are beautiful and your palette so reminds me of North America.

It’s also so wonderful to get a good look at Ronell’s delightful cover and pages.  I’ve added photos of everything.  If you double click on them you should get BIG pictures.

Stunning effort so far.  Now the pressure is on to continue.  Thank goodness Lindsay enclosed a First Aid Kit in the package.  I’ll certainly be using it to calm me down and inspire me.

Lindsay’s Book Arrives in Record Time!

Lindsay\'s Book in Tuscany

It’s seems almost before it was posted Lindsay’s book is here in Tuscany! Good Ol’ Poste Italiane must have known how impatient I was to receive it. And it’s beautiful! And it comes with some exciting bits and pieces that I couldn’t wait to start playing with.

Open the Envelope!

No, you can’t peek inside.

Look at this gorgeous river weaving it’s way though the mountains and look at those canoes, inspired by Lindsay’s own passion for the sport and her love of waterways.

And now I’m working on carrying Lindsay’s water theme into my pages. First of all I have to decide what I’m going to add to that last half-page. Yum. I’ve never thought about collage before.

Lindsay\'s Sketchbook Cover