Robyn’s book will be travelling on to Ronell soon

I’ve got the dreaded lurgy – bronchitis – and I’m feeling very sorry for myself!  but as soon as I feel up to getting to the post office Robyn’s book will be on its way to Ronell.  

There is some really lovely work in it from Robyn’s lovely atmospheric olive grove, through Casey’s beautifully free sketches of France, to Nina’s well observed  people interwoven with great backgrounds and Glen’s intensely busy figures on the beach – and now I’ve added ….

Well apart from this bit you’ll have to wait and see when it arrives at Ronell’s :>)

I wonder if my book has arrived at Glen’s yet?   I must check.  I’m dying to see it!


Flying Today :>)

OK mine flies this afternoon and here’s a little snippet from it.    

I have to dash as I’ve got the offer of an architects plan chest and I have to go and look at it and work out if I really have room for it!   And I need to get this baby in the post.



I had mail too!!!

I had a lovely handprinted card in the post this morning as well :>)   Thank you Lindsay and I loved the ‘test flight’

I won’t be able to get to the post office until Wednesday – but will post mine then as we are going early – I’m really happy about that as I’m dying to see everyone’s book and I can stop angst-ing about mine when it’s safely on its way!  It’s a Bank Holiday here on Monday and on Tuesday I’m working looooong hours away from town and post offices.

I’ve got one page done for the next one!


ok so I worked it out – slow but I got here :>)

I really like the loose and no-rules approaches

Rainbow and Local Colour – 2 interesting topics :>)

Mine is simply that I’ve put a little pocket in the back cover (which is loose) and put a feather in it.   I’ve drawn it and I’d love it (but not compulsory) if you’d draw either that feather or a local one.   I wasn’t going to mention it, keeping it as a surprise, but thought that if I did, it would give you time if you see any interesting feathers about to save one. 

I’ve left an extra blank page as well as the half but you don’t have to draw there – you can stick a drawing in, draw on your own paper ….. whatever if you decide to do a feather too.

I’d like it if you embellish the cover in any way that takes your fancy :>)

The flying paintings look great!