Flying Pictures Project Takes To The Air Again

Casey's Book Arrives Safely!

The project lives on! Flying Pictures Project will show in my local library this November and I’ll be speaking about our adventures on Thursday November 12Th at 7:00 PM. Casey’s book has made it back to the states and arrived on my front porch this week. I feel so lucky that I’ll have  the books in person to see them and promote the project.

For my talk at the library I’ll ask the librarians to pull sketchbooks from the collection to show, in addition to all of ours so  people can be inspired to keep a sketchbook and start a project like ours. I’m going to share Danny Gregory’s books and EDM site which was my original inspiration to take up drawing after a long hiatus. If anyone has suggestions about the books I should have on hand, please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

Here’s my tentative list so far:

Something by Hannah Hinchman

Frida Kahlos sketchbook

The Uncertainty Principal

Here’s the link for the Oak Park Public Library


Flying Pictures – Different Strokes

Not great light for photography today but I couldn’t wait any longer to share my completed sketchbook.  Thank you so much everyone!  This is a beautiful book of art.

Thank you too to all the friends who’ve supported this project so enthusiastically.  It made 2008 such a memorable year.

Journey’s End for Different Strokes

Oil stick study by Lindsay Olsen
Oil stick study by Lindsay Olsen

My sketchbook squeezed through the door well after dark on New Year’s Eve – I think the postman made a special trip.  It came complete with chocolates and two beautiful oil stick paintings of her beloved Lake Michigan by Lindsay.

Lake Michigan near Holland, Michigan
Lake Michigan near Holland, Michigan

Thank you Lindsay, these are pulsating with beautiful colours and I love the long narrow format.

Now all that remains is for me to wait for a day with enough colour temperature to photograph the entire book and create a slideshow.  Over.  Sigh!

Rainbow moments returned.

Voici my sketchbook which returned a while back. Once all the books have been received, Lindsay will end off our project.

Thank you for such a rich collection of art! And see you all next year, same time same place?

(I apologize for the bad quality. The pics themselves are fine, but the moment they load onto slide, they start blurring, even though I tried tochange and adapt the size how many times!)

…take a moment…

Ronell’s gallery show in Robyn’s Book





Here are the pages Ronell’s created for Robyn’s beautiful book. Ronell has chosen to “hang” a charming show showing life in South Africa, a piece of history from England, a road side image from the south east US and the world’s most seductive fruit. Brava Ronell. What a beautiful addition. I’m off now to add my art to Robyn’s book and sadly bid it farewell. It’s my last book.

Slide Show of Lindsay’s Traveling Canoe


My beautiful book has arrived safely home. From it’s trip to Venice (Robyn) with elegant gondolas parked by the dock  to a visit to France and a view of Amboise Castle and a bottle of French wine! (Casey) on to Northern Sweden to a magical treasure Island (Nina), to the storm tossed North Atlantic with a craggy, rocky shore (Glen) and on to calmer  waters off the coast of Cornwall and some really fancy collages and strip paintings (Vivien) and finally to the River Lori in France with Ronell who has made a beatuful “film” framed group of snapshots. (complete with a visit from cyclers speeding by on the Tour de France.

I’m completely in love with each and every page. I feel  so lucky to have traveled with such excellent company.  I don’t want to say any closing words yet  because Robyn’s book is still in transit to me. I’ll send it quickly on to you Robyn when I get it. But while I’m waiting, I have this wonderful treasure of a sketchbook to keep me occupied.

vivien: my book is home! slide show ……

My book is home and I love it!   I’m so glad I’ve been part of this exchange – I’ve loved seeing everyone’s work in real life, with time to study it before sending it on its happy way :>)

I can’t pick any one persons work out – I love all the original twists on my themes, the way you’ve each made it your own.

Nina has such a way with figures, I love the playing with scale of her huge feathers – or small people – and the background patterns she uses that take no account of perspective or reality and add so much to her work, not to mention the beautiful use of watercolour.

Robyn you’ve caught the irridescent feather beautifully – and sent it on for me to keep :>) and that fruit positively glows (my students were well impressed!),   and I got to see a  tumbling Tuscan town :>)  – like the alliteration ? ;>)

Ronell, that bustling market being drawn by the hands – positively Durer!  and beautifully characteristic of French markets and so imaginative to give it that twist :>)

Casey the playing with collage, lettering and stamps and interweaving them with your painting was great and gave my students some ideas of pushing their own work forward :>)

Lindsay gave me glowing waterways and a linoprint feather – again very different and uniquely Lindsay :>)  I must get back to my waterways project soon.

Glen gave me a  lovely murky pool with fish that echoed the feather shape, wriggling sinously through the weeds

All gorgeous :>)

I can highly recommend an exchange like this to anyone wondering about it – go for it!