Ronell’s gallery show in Robyn’s Book





Here are the pages Ronell’s created for Robyn’s beautiful book. Ronell has chosen to “hang” a charming show showing life in South Africa, a piece of history from England, a road side image from the south east US and the world’s most seductive fruit. Brava Ronell. What a beautiful addition. I’m off now to add my art to Robyn’s book and sadly bid it farewell. It’s my last book.


Slide Show of Lindsay’s Traveling Canoe


My beautiful book has arrived safely home. From it’s trip to Venice (Robyn) with elegant gondolas parked by the dock  to a visit to France and a view of Amboise Castle and a bottle of French wine! (Casey) on to Northern Sweden to a magical treasure Island (Nina), to the storm tossed North Atlantic with a craggy, rocky shore (Glen) and on to calmer  waters off the coast of Cornwall and some really fancy collages and strip paintings (Vivien) and finally to the River Lori in France with Ronell who has made a beatuful “film” framed group of snapshots. (complete with a visit from cyclers speeding by on the Tour de France.

I’m completely in love with each and every page. I feel  so lucky to have traveled with such excellent company.  I don’t want to say any closing words yet  because Robyn’s book is still in transit to me. I’ll send it quickly on to you Robyn when I get it. But while I’m waiting, I have this wonderful treasure of a sketchbook to keep me occupied.

Vivien’s art in Nina’s book – polychromatic behavior.

I’ll start off with a confession. I’ve had 2 books here in Montlouis for the past 2 days! I had Nina’s book and then Speedy Conzales(Vivien) caught me redhanded with Nina’s book still on my lap, when I received Casey’s book yesterday! But I can also be Speedy Conzales under the right circumstances and quickly completed my contribution in Nina’s book yesterday late afternoon and it is already on its way to Lindsay. It was actually fun to have two books on my table.

So here is what Vivien did in Nina’s stunning book…where Glen’s dramatic and atmosheric flowers ended, Vivien started with the complete opposite and did soft watercolour panels, depicting  cool summer morning, moonrise in winter, and the prospects of a “lovely day” on its way.

…cool summer morning…moonrise in winter…going to be a lovely day…

Then she went on to a more dramatic after the rain and sunset on a windy day.

…after the rain…sunset on a windy day…

Het last two panels were done in pencil, depicting a winter evening and approaching rain. And you’ll see the snippet I’ve added to continue my piece..I’ve decided to seek shelter in the jardin du Luxembourg in Paris from the “approaching rain”…

…evening in winter…approaching rain…jardin du Luxembourg…

They all have such a wonderful variety of colour and atmosphere…truly beautiful work Vivien!

Ronell’s Book Arrived Safely

Here is the first 2 1/2 pages of Ronell’s beautiful book. I’m not going to show you the cover so you will have a surprise, but I will tell you that the binding is an inspiring variation of the concertina format. I could almost smell the flowers in Ronell’s garden as I opened the package… but it was probably the wax finish on the cover.  She polished the surface with silk. What luxury! Now, what shall I put in her book?