The beginning…here in my corner.

Our flying pictures blog looks good…love the heading with the papers flying around! Well done Casey!

OK. I’m here. Just to show you what’s going on in my corner of the project. Not ready to go as you’ll see on the photo, but don’t fret, I’ll be ready by the time it needs to be ready. I usually take longer in the thinking than in the doing. My papers and covers and ideas are there, I just have to juggle them a bit.  

I am attaching my cover to my pages, so it’ll travel along and I would welcome any kind of mark(even coffee stains, Vivien!) or stamps or doodles or whateverings on my cover.

The size of my sketchbook will be will be 19x25cm(7.4×9.8″). I’ll be using Arches/Fabriano HP 300g/m2. And I’m leaving the hinges up to each one to add as they add their paper.

And I’ve decided on a theme which I’ll put up now, so it can get off my mind, or else I’ll never get anywhere. Since I’m coming from a rainbow nation/country, my theme will be rainbow.

Now what is the rest of the Flying Pictures Project-gang up to, I wonder…?

Chaos in ronell\'s corner.

Chaos in Ronell’s corner.